g_manluver (g_manluver) wrote,

Selling stuff

Just doing a bit of cleaning in my apartment so I decided there's a few things in it worth trying to sell rather than throw out/donate to charity.

How it works:
-Prices are in USD and include the shipping cost
-Buying multiple items will combine shipping (shipping estimated cost is 8 dollars per transaction. so if you buy 2 items you save 8 dollars, if you buy 3 you save 16, etc...)
-I generally only take paypal as payment method but am willing in rare circumstances take money orders or concealed cash.
-I've willing to hold an item for 72 hours (3 days) if no payment is received in that time it will go back up for sale.
-I'm willing to bargain with you if you don't have enough/think the price is set a bit too high.
-I am not looking for trades though I'm into Bleach right now so you may be able to convince me with the right item.
-If you were link here from elsewhere (deviantart, another LJ community, etc...) please reply HERE to make it easier to find your reply.
-Please do not comment here if you don't have any interest in buying the items. Not unless you're talking on a friend's behalf.

-Custom Koromon plush: $14
-Custom Menos Grande plush: $14
-Rare pop open Pokeball Lickitung: $22
- Rare Baron Lickilicky figure: $18

Happy shopping :)
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